Friday, November 5, 2010

Thee Silver Platter

Today I packed up the family for a trip to the dump. Yippee.
I was on the search for some pictures frames, but instead found this beautiful silver tray.
The idea was to spray paint the middle with chalkboard paint, and hang it in my kitchen.
But after some rubbin love with the baking soda this lonely tray turns out to be a diamond in the rough.
  Just look at the engraving... I cant cover that up!
 I cant stop staring at this. Also keep telling Mark "Isnt it GORGEOUS!?"

awww... Im going to dream of silver platters tonight. But how could you serve anything on this?
Hopefully tomorrow I can hit up the Post wide yard sale and find something fun ... like a china hutch that Mark can make look pretty for me?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bull Riders & Birthday Girls

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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YouTube Video

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Monday, March 1, 2010


Monday, January 18, 2010

Chloe moving....

A week shy of 6 months and Chloe is cruising around the living room. Not full crawling but shes moving!

Friday, January 8, 2010

( October 21, 2006 , The night we met.)

One can be such a daydreamer. There are times when I daydream so much I wonder if I was actually sleeping and I was just dreaming.
I've always gotten so lost in daydreaming. Always wishing and wanting. Wanting to go back and time and change things. Or hitting the lotterey ( or something like that) and having things be so much better for everyone.
The biggest one I seem to do though is the go back in time. I go back in time alot. I relive my life so many times. I make things better , DO better. When I come back to reality though I think to myself " Do you REALLY wish that ?" . I get scared. I think to myself "if" I were to go back in time I would be scared to actually change things. Why? Because of my beautiful family that I have now. I've thought of this alot , and I would go through and endure all the good and bad all over again just to have what I have now.
For safety reasons I sometimes dream of dating Mark all over again. Then I get scared and think well maybe we wouldnt have married when we did , or maybe we would have waited to have kids , and would that mean having different kids?
There are so many different angles you have to worry about when daydreaming of changing the past. I just now woke up from a 48 min daydream. I put the kids down for a nap and couldnt fall asleep , so instead I let my mind wander.
There were so many things going through my mind. I was going crazy at the time the kids were going to sleep. I was thinking alot of negative, like not having ANY resolutions , not unpacking two suitcases, not being out of the house ALL WEEK. I was just feeling like crap. So it lead me to thinking about the crap I'm going to give Mark once he walks in the door, why? I dont know. Instead I starting day dreaming about meeting Mark all over again. It was such an intense real daydream it was as if in that 48 min I lived a whole 3 years all over again. Fell into such a deep love , well that day dream was amazing. Now sitting here , I'm still recovering from falling in love. Also a little sad that I will have my tired husband walk in the door that felt the same about me as he did this morning. LOL. Not the head over heals, in shape , tanned, active, no worries ( well not completely "no worries" if you know Mark), funny man I fell in love with.
Now am I saying that I'm not with the man I married. Not really. It's the same man , just with kids... a dog... me... a masters program... Now thats alot that can hinder you from being a carefree person. I love him though. More and more and differently everyday. Now that I think about I now remember why I started day dreaming about him. He turns 27 on the 22nd. I was thinking that I am now 24 and he was 24 when we married. I still feel so young and unaccomplished , but he was so ahead in life and seemed older. Now that I'm 24 it just doesnt seem that old.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Walker and Chloe

Well since I dont keep an up to date journal or have time to write things out it only comes to the conclusion of "blogging" about Chloe and her walker.
We had the walker originally for Mark then it has been passed down to her. Mark was not very good with it . He could push himself with one foot but only moved because he thought he was going to "bounce" . In other words he sucked at it . It was ok though because he was walking at 8 months so he kinda skipped it. Anyways , Chloe now at 5 months is a little speed demon. At first she only pushed herself forward. Not really knowing how to control what she was doing. To her it was just being put somewhere so Mama could get some dishes done. Slowly I noticed that she was "walking" in it . I let her go up and down our alley kitchen. Then last week I saw her lean forward and put some effort into it and was running ( as fast as a baby can run) down the kitchen. I stood there amazed, in my apron and dish washing gloves. I always encourage her and she gets more excited and picks up a little speed. I can see how she is trying to figure out how to turn. Our kitchen is small but one moment she will be stuck on the end of the kitchen , then the next she is bumped into my feet. There are times that she gets stuck trying to get out of the kitchen. She starts her whimpering/crying but Im usually trying to finish the dishes. This is where Mark comes in and tries to "help" her. With helping her he almost tips her over , with her feet off the ground she is still trying to push herself forward , till I catch them and scream " BECAREFUL. Which Mark then drops her says " uh oh!" and then runs off , leaving her looking over her shoulder at me with either a tearful face or she is laughing.
There are also times that I put her in the hallway so I can put laundry away in the rooms and Mark just pushes her up and down the hallway. Sometimes I think she likes it , others I think she gets mad because she wants to walk by herself.
With all this I think my child is a genius. Or she is just getting older and its inevitable that she will advance. It may be more of a shock that she is just doing things Mark never did or cared to do. She is my lil pumpkin burrito. I will have to catch her on video and post.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sense and Sensibility

About a month. With kids and boredom , it took me about a month just to get half way through Sense and Sensibility. But as with all Jane Austen books Ive read so far they dont seem to pick up till half way through. Then you are sucked into the scandal and soap opera like story. Last night I picked up the book determined to finish it just so I could buy Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. Right as I started I was finally sucked in and about an hour and a half later I was done. Now the ending did seem extremely rushed , I had to read a page twice because in the matter of half a page the whole thing changed! Ahhh, if youve read the book , its when Edward goes to Elinors cottage in Barton with only one thing on his mind , to propose. Just the page before it you were lead to believe he married the lil hussy Lucy , but she ran off with his brother. AHH! Do you see how it seems like a soap opera? At times like this I am just amazed and in awe of the literary mind of Jane Austen in the 1800 ( or 1700's) I definitly see how it is a classic. Just as with Jane Eyre , you have to read that one to believe it.

Well since I have a book shelf of a couple of classics still left to be finished I will start with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland untill my Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters comes in the mail.

Please try and read the book! I now hope that the movie is as great as the new Pride and Prejudice. I did leave it in New Orleans and its driving me crazy.

With Sleepless in Seattle going on in the background it may be a little hard to start this book.
One more thing , I do not have the copy of the book with the cover that is above.... that cover is just ... Im sorry to say the women are lil .... well not very attractive.